Other Consular Services



The Uganda High Commission in Pretoria certifies the following official documents as true copies of their original. These documents include academic qualifications, driving licenses, marriage certificates, birth certificates and death certificates among others.


Before application for a certified copy at the Mission, the applicant must certify a copy of the same document at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kampala, Uganda.




This letter is issued to Ugandans wishing to have their marriages performed outside Uganda. The letter confirms that the applicant is single and has capacity to enter into a marriage.


The letter is obtained from the Registrar at Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URBS) upon submission of the following:


  1. A recommendation letter from LC1 of the locality where the applicant resides in Uganda
  2. A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate to prove parentage
  3. Proof of nationality
  4. A registered statutory declaration from the applicant to prove that he/she is single
  5. A registered statutory declaration from the parents to prove that their son or daughter is single.


Please visit: urbs.go.ug for more further details