Dear visitor,

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the Home page of Uganda High Commission in Pretoria and welcome to Uganda – the
Pearl of Africa. Located at 882 Stanza Bopape Street in Pretoria, South Africa, the Uganda High
Commission is also accredited to Zimbabwe, Botswana, ESwatini, Lesotho and Namibia.

Our mission is to promote and protect Uganda’s interests in countries of accreditation. We implement
Uganda’s Foreign Policy through the following strategic objectives; -
 Promotion of regional and international peace and security
 Commercial Diplomacy - promotion of trade, tourism, investments & technology transfer
 Mobilization of resources for development
 Promotion of inter institutional partnerships and capacity building
 Facilitating maximization of benefits accruing from adherence to international obligations
 Provision of protocol and consular services
 Mobilize the Ugandan diaspora for national development

Uganda – South Africa relations
The official diplomatic relations between Uganda and South Africa were established in
1994 with the opening of the Uganda High Commissions in Pretoria. The warm
historical fraternal relations continue to thrive to date. The two (2) nations enjoy long
standing political relations founded on strong bonds of solidarity and friendship that was
created when Uganda expressed her firm support in championing the struggle against
apartheid in South Africa. Our relations were further strengthened with the holding of the
Uganda – South Africa 1 st Joint Commission of Cooperation from 8 th - 9 th November
2012 in Pretoria. This JCC was concluded with the signing of MoUs and agreements of
cooperation in regular diplomatic consultations, defense and security, public works and
infrastructure development, agriculture and fisheries, health, science and technology,
trade and industry among others. Uganda and South Africa continue to cooperate and
coordinate their positions in a number of regional and multilateral fora including the
Africa Union (AU) and United Nations (UN). In this regard, the 2 countries underscore
the importance of continued efforts to peaceful resolution and dialogue in resolving

conflicts. For example, the Burundi Peace Process where Uganda and South Africa
were Chair and Facilitator respectively of the regional initiative.

Desirous of consolidating the status of our bilateral relations, the 2nd session of the Joint
Commission of Cooperation between Uganda and South Africa was held from 7 th -12 th
July 2022 in Kampala. Agreements and MoUs were negotiated in areas such as trade
and investment, tourism, ICT, agriculture, defense and security, oil & gas, energy and
mineral development and air transport among others. To achieve sustainable prosperity,
the JCC resolved that both countries should cooperate to expedite implementation of
the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (AfCFTA). Uganda is committed to
the aspirations of AfCFRA i.e., creating a single market for goods, services, facilitated
by movement of people in order to deepen the economic integration of Africa. During
the JCC, the 2 countries recommitted their efforts to ensure that they convene biennially
as envisioned in the agreement. They also committed to holding midterm reviews on an
annual basis, to review the status of implementation of decisions as well as explore
possible new areas of cooperation. The 3rd session of the Uganda – South Africa Joint
Commission of Cooperation is scheduled for 2024 in Pretoria.

Uganda and South Africa enjoy excellent relations as strategic partners in promoting
trade and investment. Today, over 70 South African companies are registered in
Uganda in sectors such as telecommunication, banking, insurance, wholesale & retail,
power generation among others. Likewise, there are thousands of Ugandans working
and doing businesses in South Africa. Ugandans have invested in sectors such as hotel
and hospitality, education & health care among others. The main products that Uganda
exports to South Africa are packaged medicaments, Coffee and Raw Tobacco.

We hope you will find this webpage useful whether you are planning to travel to
Uganda, in need of consular services, or simply wanting to learn more about Uganda –
the Pearl of Africa.