National ID


The Uganda High Commission in Pretoria receives applications for National Identity Cards for Ugandans living in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, ESwatini, Lesotho and Namibia.

Application requirements

  1. A Letter from your Local Council 1 (LC1) Chairperson in Uganda indicating that you are or were a resident of his/her locality.


  1.  The LC 1 letter should state that you are a Son or Daughter of Mr. & Mrs.…. who are or were residents of the area or a different area. If both your parents are still alive, the applicant should attach copies of their national identity cards. If both parents are deceased, the applicant should attach copies of national identity cards of an immediate relative, as well as a letter indicating that both parents are deceased.
  2. The LC 1 Chairperson letter should be counter signed by the District Internal Security Organization (DISO) confirming that the information provided is true and verified.
  3. A copy of a valid Ugandan passport


Please note:

  1. No payment is required to apply for a Uganda national identity card.
  2. An applicant must appear in person for both capturing of their biometrics and issuance of the national identity cards. Cards are neither issued to representatives nor sent by courier to the applicant.